The 40 Hours Devotion

St. Thomas Apostle will be hosting the 40 Hours Devotion!

In preparation for the Lenten Season, join us for continuous adoration of the Blessed Sacrament beginning with the Mass of Exposition on Sunday, February 26th at the 7:30pm Mass and ending with Solemn Vespers and Benediction at 7pm on Tuesday, February 28th.


Aside from the time available to spend with Our Lord in silence, there will also be a series of events as follows:

Monday, February 27th:

7am Mass

8am Mass

12pm Holy Hour

5pm Holy Hour

Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord

8pm on Holy Saturday - 26 March: The Solemn Easter Vigil and First Mass of Easter


Tenebrae of Holy Saturday

Traditional morning office sung in Latin Gregorian Chant beginning at 10:00am.

Good Friday Schedule

Good Friday/ Viernes Santo – 25 March

A day of fasting & abstinence

St. Thomas Centennial Founder’s Day

On Sunday, November 24 2013, we will celebrate the St. Thomas Centennial Founder’s Day. More information will be forthcoming.

Sunday Vigil Mass

The Sunday Vigil Mass is held Saturday evening at 5:00PM. The elevator is accessible from the 27th street entrance and goes to the Church and Parish Hall.

Daily Mass

Join us for Saturday 12:00PM Mass.

Daily Mass

Join us for Daily Mass Monday-Friday at 8:00AM, Saturday at 12:00PM.



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