“Being a disciple means being constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus to others, and this can happen unexpectedly and in any place: on the street, in a city square, during work, on a journey.”
Pope Francis
Evangelii Gaudium, 127


COMMUNITY: Living His Communion Together

Parish Marketplace

Jesus assures us that "the Father knows what you need before you ask him" (Matt 6:8).

This marketplace is meant to be a vehicle of his Providence where parishioners can meet to share job and housing opportunities; resources, wants, needs and services.

Items can be offered for sale or for free--a tangible way St. Thomas parishioners can take care of each other as "one Body".

-Need a babysitter or dog walker?
-Hoping to borrow a leaf blower or ladder?
-Looking for rideshares to work?

Registered parishioners are welcome to post their notices below.

Click here to create and submit your listing.

Note: In the description of your item, you can include your email or phone number if you'd like fellow parishioners to contact you directly, or we will add a parish email address to your listing and pass send along any inquiries we receive. Either way, please allow 24 hours for your listing to be posted.



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Prayer in the popular culture

When I seek thee, my God, I seek a happy life. Amen.

-St. Augustine (354-430)

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